SUSD Welcome Back Rally Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the Welcome Back Rally raffle winners! You will receive your gift card(s) at your school.

  • Alexis Dyer, DMLC, $125.00
  • Melissa Burggrat, CLC, $125.00
  • Kaycie Hyland, SLC, $125.00
  • Wendee Ison, CLC, $125.00
  • Alison Bunde, ALC, $125.00
  • Luke Strohmeyer, DMHS, $25.00
  • Anita Walters, DMHS, $25.00
  • Dorianne Brown, MDA, $25.00
  • Alison Amber, Kiva, $25.00
  • Chris Ksmomnki, Cheyenne, $25.00
  • Gayann Hutchison, Anaszi, $25.00
  • Marilyn Williams, Tavan, $25.00
  • Danille Leivian, Hopi, $25.00
  • Ellen Young, $25.00
  • Carmen Simpson, Hohokam/Yava, $25.00
  • Terry Minnitiwright, Pima, $25.00
  • Maren Miller, Navajo, $25.00
  • Robert Arens, $25.00
  • Carmen Balderas, Oak, $25.00
  • Mickey Rich, Sequoya, $25.00
  • Susan Kupinewicz, Redfield, $25.00
  • Noel Silva, Mohave, $25.00
  • Megan Mayar, Chaparral, $25.00
  • Stacey Stephens, Tonalea, $25.00
  • Alexandria Martella, $25.00
  • Gina Hayes, Coronado, $25.00
  • Tracy Lansgtan, Ingleside, $25.00
  • Audrey Agajanian, Cheyenne, $25.00
  • Teresa Greenleaf, Cherokee, $25.00
  • Amanda Turner, Coronado, $25.00
  • Susan Lindberg, Saguaro, $25.00
  • Heather Morse, Redfield, $25.00
  • Renee Contreras, Pueblo, $25.00
  • Carissa Horta, Hopi, $25.00
  • Gloria, Transportation, $25.00
  • Daniel Chin, Copper Ridge, $25.00
  • Nicole Packer, Hopi, $25.00
  • Holly Hooley, DCES, $25.00
  • Laura Carr, Chaparral, $25.00
  • Janet Emond, DMHS, $25.00
  • Leslie Cryderman, Anasazi, $25.00
  • Susan Griffin, TK8, $25.00
  • Katie Honeycutt, DCES, $25.00
  • Jeremy Schoeler, Arcadia, $25.00
  • Andrianne Ullman, Redfield, $25.00
  • Katie Maloney, Saguaro, $25.00
  • Matt Lins, MDA, $25.00
  • Jaqueline Comerford, Hopi, $25.00
  • Erin Scherer, MDA, $25.00
  • Dulce Aguiree, Warehouse, $25.00
  • Bryan Parks, SOL, $25.00
  • Sandra Abbot, Echo, $25.00
  • Sally Miller, TK8, $25.00
  • Jackie Dorland, Cocopah, $25.00
  • Janice Silverman, Hohokam/Yavapai, $25.00
  • Richard Jonsii, Mohave, $25.00
  • Jackie Franco, $25.00
  • Ana Giorlando, Cochise, $25.00
  • Dawn Treude, Echo Canyon, $25.00
  • Joanne Demetropoulos, Laguna, $25.00
  • Debbie Fredrickson, Mountainside, $25.00
  • Alesa Dayne, Chaparral, $25.00
  • Dana Silva, Hoho-Yavapai, $25.00
  • Amelia Ahart, Redfield, $25.00
  • Brooke Phillips, Nutritional Services, $25.00
  • Bronwyn Sternberg, Mountainside, $25.00
  • Matt Fuller, Building Services, $25.00
  • Ana Hulbert, MDA, $25.00

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Back to School Fundraiser

The first-annual Back to School Fundraiser by Scottsdale Community Partners (SCP) aims to raise funds to support youth, families, and children in crisis. 

This year, over 1,000 students are being served in this program where they receive grade-appropriate school supplies, a new back pack, a voucher for a new pair of shoes, a $25 gift card to Walmart for new clothes, a dental smile bag, a book of their choosing, and free student meals. 

SCP is hoping to raise $30,000 from both sponsors and donors to be able to support even more of the 6,500 eligible students in these programs next year. The Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of this program! With your support, we can help them get there!

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Meet Rocket!

Meet Rocket, a 2 year old Golden Retriever and the first Police K9 to be assigned to a School Resource Officer (SRO) in Maricopa County. Rocket is assigned to Officer Devon Lines at Chaparral High School SRO and will travel to other schools as needed. Rocket’s duties include providing comfort to victims, calming high stress situations, and bridging gaps with community members.

Initial funding for Rocket’s assignment was provided by the Chaparral High School Association of Parents and Teachers (CHAPTS) and the Scottsdale Unified School District Foundation, which raised more than $34,000 to support SPD’s new School Resource Unit canine program. The Foundation intends to continue its support of Rocket, with the hope of expanding the program to other SUSD campuses.

If you would like to help support Rocket and the SPD School Resource Unit canine program, please donate here. 

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It's All Fun & Games Night

Thank you for participating in our first virtual “It’s All Fun & Games Night” event! Because of supporters like you, the event was a huge success. We appreciate our sponsors, our donors, our participants, and our community.

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